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Reprographic Lamps, Equipment & Accessories

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Lamp - Germicidal Lamps

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Based in Austell, Georgia,

our company has developed

large range of high-quality,

low-odor germicidal lamps,

and other UV products.


With over eleven

decades of combined

 experience in the

lamp industry,

our international staff

is qualified in helping

other businesses

find the exact products they need.

Our Market-Oriented Products Include


♦ Aquarium Lamps

♦ Medical Lamps

♦ High-Intensity Discharge


♦ General Lighting

♦ Infrared Lamps

♦ Projection Lamps  

♦ Reprographic Lamps, 
   Machinery &  Accessories


♦ Germicidal Lamps & 

♦ Insect Lamps

♦ Tanning Lamps & 

Who We Are

WSL as we are known, short for WORLDWIDE SPECIALTY LAMP is a commercial and specialty lighting company based in Austell, Georgia. We offer specialty lighting for a variety of industries worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best quality products and personal service at affordable pricing. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain the highest quality standards for our products, and provide the best customer service possible. We continue to work toward further development to surpass our highest quality products, and we strive to offer better pricing for our distributors and customers.

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