Animal Cartoon




Owner: Fred Sr.


Cute Dog
Lil Man
Owner: Beth



Shadow (He was rescued in 2007 - he was stuck in a fence)

Office Cat


Jean-Picon 1     Picon Chrismtas

Jean-Picon (before and after she was rescued) 2016 

Owner: Charlotte

Pixie - She was malnurished and abandoned - Rescued in 2018

Owner: Lacey


Paskie - He was adopted in 2006. He has 3 legs.
Original Owner: Lacey     Present Owner: Beth


Tokoyo - She was adopted in 2018

Owner: Melvin (Warehouse Supervisor)

Another fun day at the office

Picon, Tokoyo, and Pixie

Puppies PlayingPuppy Playing

Forever in Our HeartsIn Loving Memory of

Puppy Dog with Glasses Dog in the Grass

Winnie - Adopted 2007

(14 years)

Owner: Fred, Jr.

Paige Tibby Pookie

   Paige (11 years)

Owner: Fred Sr.

Tibby (less than 1 year)

Owner: Lacey

Pookie (14 years)

Owner: Lacey



Julie 1Julie 2

Pippa 1

Pippa 2

Jewel (10 years)

Owner: Fred, Jr.

Julie (20 years)

Owner: Fred, Jr.

           Pippa -  (14 years)                     Rescued around 2007,           humans who abused her were arrested 

Owner: Lacey


Kitty Willie aka Fang aka Moo Sleeping Cat

Willie ... aka Fang .....aka Moo

Adopted  2006  (14 years)

Owner: Fred, Jr.


Ditz Jake Precious

  Ditz  (15 years)
Owner: Fred Sr.

Jake (unknown years)
Owner: Fred Sr.

     Precious (18 years) 
Owner: Fred, Jr.

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