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Lamp Terminology Definitions

ANSI –  the American National Standards Institute, Inc. is the coordinator of including lighting standards on a national level.

ARC LAMP – a discharge lamp in which the light is emitted by an arc tube.

ARC TUBE – a tube made of clear quartz or ceramic material within a glass envelope of a HID lamp that contains the arc stream.

BALLAST – a device used to create a starting voltage and stabilize electrical current for fluorescent lamps and HID lamps.

BASE – the part of the lamp that connects to the socket.

BEAM CANDLEPOWER – measure of beam intensity reflected from a reflector lamp.

BEAM SPREAD – the angle of light distributed from a reflector lamp.

COLOR RENDERING INDEX (CRI) – a rating for fluorescent lamps to examine its variance from outdoor natural light, which has a defined CRI of 100. The rated ability of an artificial light source to render an object's true color.

FOOT CANDLE – a unit of illumination. Equivalent of one candle emitting light on one square foot of surface area from one foot away.

HALOGEN – a tungsten incandescent filament lamp with a quartz envelope containing a proportion of halogen insert gas.

KELVIN TEMPERATURE SCALE – a measurement of color appearance in degrees Kelvin (K).

KRYPTON – A heavier inert gas used in a variety of lamps to produce a brighter white light as well as longer lifetime by reducing the rate of filament decay.

LUMEN – a measure of luminous flux. The quantity of light emitted by an artificial light source.

MOL – Maximum Overall Length.  Length from the tip of the glass envelope to end of the base.

NOMINAL LENGTH – overall length of a fluorescent lamp, including sockets. Generally, this measurement is from the back of one socket to the back of the opposing socket.

WATT – a unit of power consumption.


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